Psychological Self Portrait

Reading: Chapter Four, Psychological Effects of Color.

Part 1: Select a pair of verbal concepts that are either opposite or are in meaningful contrast with each other. For example: sullen/elated, emotional/rational, old/young. Using a passive format (e.g. a grid of dots on a background, a grid of squares, or any grid-based configuration) make two studies that are different only in their color. Try to make color analogues for each of your concepts, so that each verbal concept is represented in one of your two color schemes.

Part 2: Take the colors used in your passive color analogue studies and apply them to 2 identical self-portraits.

Each design should be 5”x7”. Mount all 4 designs together using professional presentation and craftsmanship skills.

20140225-080152.jpgPsychological_Self_Portrait_2_Color_Theory_guache copyPsychological_Self_Portrait_3_Color_Theory_guache copyPsychological_Self_Portrait_1_Color_Theory_guache copy

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