Color Schemes: Ten Letter Word

You will choose a 10 letter word expressing aspects and contexts of that word in FIVE different color schemes.

Begin by selecting a word from the dictionary – your word must contain a minimum of 10 letters. After you select your word, do some research! What are the various definitions of your word? Find all of the text, imagery and resource material you can. More is more. Find things that are not directly related to the word but share some connection to the word. Explore many different sources (use actual books). Be resourceful, think about solutions beyond your first inclinations. Take some chances with your choices, and use your imagination! I want you to incorporate different images/words to draw different and subtle meanings to your image/word.

From your collected source material, develop a design which expresses something about your word. You may incorporate the actual word if you like, but it is not required.

During class you will develop your designs using multiple color schemes (listed below). Initial sketches and color scheme explorations may be done in any media (colored pencil, marker, crayon, digital) but the final product should be executed using acryla-gouache on Bristol board. The final pieces should be mounted on black illustration board in dimensions that best work with your pieces.

Sketch size: 4×6

Painted design minimum size: 5×7 each.

Color Schemes:

• monochromatic

• analagous

• complementary

• split or double complementary

• triadic or quadratic harmony


Color: Chapter 9: Color Combinations and Interactions

Color Basics: p.70-77



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