Color Balance

Objective: Demonstrate knowledge of compositional and color balance by working with an asymmetrical compositional model.

We know that line, shape form, texture and space all influence the overall composition of a piece. Color, of course, also plays a large roll in compositional balance. By using color contrasts we already know such as Light/Dark, Complementary Contrasts, Cool/Warm, Saturated/Desaturated for example you can create a visually balanced composition.

Create a design using non-representational elements that showcases the use of color in compositional balance. Through careful choices in color and manipulation of those colors you should be able to create a composition that is asymmetrically oriented but overall balanced.

Mediums: The piece should be 5″x7″ minimum and made using acrylagouache or paper cutouts on bristol board.

IMG_6306Color _Balance_2

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