Final Assignment 2: Cooking up Colors

Part One: Your group is to cook a meal that includes an appetizer, main course (with two sides), and a desert. The food in this meal should reflect the color scheme that you are assigned. Be creative, dyeing all your food a color is not an option. Use the natural colors of the food and color created in the cooking process, to express your given palate. Provide at least enough food for five people to taste.

Part Two: Design a menu and recipe cards that reflects your assigned color scheme. The design concept is up to you. You need only provide one menu but provide enough recipe cards for everyone in the class. These should be professionally presented.

Plates, presentation, and overall setting should all be considerations. Let your inner Martha Stewart out.

Your meal will be presented at the final class. You should, as a group, be able to discuss your color palette, why you chose your colors and how they were applied. Groups will switch meals for tasting.

You will be graded on presentation, menu/card design (usual 2D requirements apply), adherence to your scheme, creativity and flavor.


Cooking_With_Color_Complimantary_Contrast_1_Color_Theory_guacheComp_Comp_Menu Cooking_With_Color_Monochromatic_Brown_2_Color_Theory_guache   Comp_4  Mono_Green_Detail_1 Triadic_1Cooking_With_Color_Secondary_Triadic_1_Color_Theory_guache

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