Final Assignment 1: Color Inventory, You Are What You Eat

Begin by thinking of your favorite food. Your goal is to summarize and catalog the colors found in that item of food, and use the inventory to create a design.

Begin your inventory with a 6”x6” square of flat color. The color should be taken directly from the object. You will then place a series of large “dots” on this square ground, each dot representing a color found in the object. The number of dots may vary, but the fewer the dots the more difficult it will be to characterize the overall coloration of the source. In most natural objects there are hundreds if not thousands of “colors” with multiple variations in hue, value and saturation. It will be impossible for you to catalog all of them. Somewhere between 10 and 20 should be sufficient. No two dots should be the same. Try to match the colors you observe precisely.

You will then create a 10”x12” Self Portrait using the colors found in your inventory. The design may be influenced by your object or may be in counterpoint to the qualities of the original form. While the inventory should be completed in gouache the self portrait may be done in any media.

To complete the project, present three pieces (your food or a photograph of your food, the inventory and the self portrait) together in a professional  manner appropriate to the media. Two dimensional pieces should be presented cover slipped and mounted on illustration board.Color_Inventory_digital copy IMG_5384

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