Color Explorations

Make a series of 8 designs exploring the characteristics of color: Hue, Value, Saturation and Temperature. Your designs can be simplified representational images or they may be non-objective or abstract but they must be thematically or stylistically linked in some way. Each design must have a minimum of 6 shapes or areas of different ‘color’. Each design should be 4”x6”, painted in acrylagouche on bristol board. The white of the paper should not be seen in any of the paintings. Mount all 8 designs together on a single sheet of black illustration board (no foam core please!).

A. CHROMATIC GRAYS-WIDE VALUE RANGE: In this you palette should be limited to chromatic greys but with a wide value range.

B. CHROMATIC GRAYS-NARROW VALUE RANGE: This piece is also limited to chromatic grays but further limited to a narrow value range. Choose a range with all the values congregating around the dark, middle or light part of the value continuum (maintain a broad hue range.)

C. DESATURATED HUES-WIDE VALUE RANGE: This piece is limited to desaturated hues. These hues should be more intense than the chromatic grays but less intense than a fully saturated hue.You should use a wide range of values in this piece.

D. DESATURATED HUES-NARROW VALUE RANGE: This piece is limited to desaturated hues with a broad hue range but a narrow value range.

E. FULLY SATURATED-WIDE VALUE RANGE: Saturated hues are purer and more intense in hue than desaturated hues. You should use a wide value range in this piece.

F. FULLY SATURATED-NARROW VALUE RANGE: hopefully you see the pattern here.

G. SATURATED-DESATURATED-CHROMATIC GREYS-WIDE VALUE RANGE: This is the everything piece use all the hue variations.

H. SATURATED-DESATURATED-CHROMATIC GREYS-NARROW VALUE RANGE: ALL the hue variations except limit your value range.





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